Jen Barnes - St Peters

My first contact with Agency by Glenn Regan was about 3 years ago. I was toying with the idea of selling my Newtown property and really liked the "look and feel" of their flyer, so I got them and several others to come and give me a market assessment and valuation. This is when I first met Glenn. From the outset, he stood out from other agencies and agents in many ways - the most significant being his genuine nature and approach - and this has not altered one iota since, or throughout the sale process. I eventually listed my property exclusively with Glenn in July 2009, and it sold on auction day in late September. The clear differences between Glenn, his team, and agency - and the many others I have come into contact over the years - are stark. Here are a few stand-outs. 1. We set our auction day strategy in advance, and all parties concerned stuck to it. My position, above all else, was respected. I know of many situations when an agent is so eagar to close the deal on the day, that they crow-bar their clients into accepting outcomes well below their bottom-lines. I have witnessed this behaviour first hand, and was warned that "all agents do that". Well, do not include Glenn or his team in "all agents". 2. When listing my property, we discussed and agreed what needed to be done to the property to market it to be effect. In my case, this involved about a months worth of renovation work. Once again, I was told by well-meaning others that "when an agent gets the listing, there's no way they want you spending time doing renovation work." Not the case with Glenn who, unlike "other agents" was more than happy for the property to be sensibly improved to maximise the sale price. I could go on. Suffice to say, Glenn and the entire team were on my side, throughout the entire process ... and beyond. Now let's talk about the team. They all seem to share this same core value - this genuine approach. The marketing side of things was headed up by Dante, who is a total delight to deal with. Efficient, talented, personable. His contacts in the media saw my property achieve all sorts of additional publicity, including opportunities for front page feature article exposure. Amazing. The copy writer and photographer were first class, faultless (talented, conscientious and again, genuinely good people). The level of communication, from all members of the team - at all times - could not have been better. I knew where things were always and when I needed to change or question things, it was seamlessly done and elegantly handled. As I've been writing, it came to me that the recruitment process at Agency by Glenn Regan must pivot around the word "genuine". As a business person myself, I've learnt a lot from this experience. This is one company that is really living its values. Impressive. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Glenn and his team to anyone selling a property. It was a positive, refreshing experience. JEN BARNES - ST PETERS